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Ready to Feel Wild & Worthy?


Hello fellow wild woman! I'm Amanda. 

I empower ambitious women to fall in love with their inner Goddess, awakening their divine feminine.

My own journey inspired the creation of WILD & WORTHY. From toxic relationship to toxic relationship, I finally began attracting everything I wanted when I learned to embrace my wild feminine spirit and put my worth first. 

"I would love to be adorned, worshipped and honoured for my sexuality. No matter how that looks like to anybody else or to myself. The sexuality itself is not so much the central tenet, it's more like, I am honoured, worshipped and respected as a person, and as a person I also happen to be a sexual being."  


 Hopelessly lost when it comes to asking for what you want in your love life, your sexuality and/or your pleasure? I'm your woman.  


Feelings that you are unfulfilled in your relationships.

Feel neglected, unheard, and/or unappreciated in your current relationship? 

Experiencing communication blocks, such as fear of commitment and/or overcoming infidelity?

Or do you have difficulty matching to your ideal partner? That what you want “doesn’t really exist out there” … so you convince yourself it doesn’t really matter?  

Familiarity with toxic relationships.

I'm not just talking physically traumatic. I'm talking verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, jealousy, infidelity and lack of boundaries.

You deserve a partner who respects, loves and appreciates you.

Fear you will lose yourself again once you become romantically involved. 

Do you experience feelings of guilt, resulting in sacrifice in your relationships? 

Do you fuse to other’s emotions, or take on other's reactions as your responsibility?

Or perhaps, are you overcoming stigma surrounding divorce / a hard break-up?

Lack of trust in partners.

Does intimacy freak you out? Do you struggle with co-dependence and/or deep fear of abandonment?

Or, do you lack trust in yourself to make the best decisions?

Sexual inhibition, shame or trauma.

Does it overwhelm you to think about yourself as a sexual being? 

Are you avoiding pleasure, fearing judgement or slut shaming?  

Are you all too familiar with low or no sexual desire, little or no sexual activity, orgasm issues, pain during sex and vaginismus?

Or are you tired of faking orgasms, pretending to be interested in sex with your partner? 

Negative self talk and/or lack of confidence in your body.

Do you struggle with shame, body dysmorphia and other body image issues?

Do you feel awkward stepping into your femininity, or reject it entirely?  

Feeling “lost” or hopeless when it comes to your sexuality and/or your pleasure.

Ever feel like sex is a “chore?” Making excuses with yourself why you should or shouldn't do it?

Do you feel guilt when asking for what you want; spending more engery faking orgasms than you do communicating your needs? 

Lack of self love and self acceptance.

Do you worry that if you DO ask for what you want, you won't really get it? 

Are you procrastinating and self-sabotaging getting what you want and need because somewhere you're telling yourself that life has to be hard? 

Or do you simply doubt just how amazing you are??

There is a tribe of likeminded women, ready to rise with you. Can you surrender to this love?

We need connection to survive. Look around you: your relationships are a direct reflection of the quality of your life.  

In fact, they are a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.  

  • Do you feel free to be yourself? 
  • To ask for what you want, guilt-free?
  • To say what you mean? Feel? Think? 
  • To unapologetically express NO?  

When we feel empowered, confident, appreciated and clear in who we are, 

  • We feel aligned. We feel peace. We feel FREE.  
  • We attract a tribe who’s ready to see us thrive.
  • We attract the partner who has been waiting for us all along.  
  • We attract more of who we are.  


  Come home to your body. Find peace with yourself.  

Learn how to unconsciously heal the past.

No more excuses for why you're tired of modern dating (trust me, I've been there).  

Put the old toxic patterns behind you, taking control of your future and rewriting your story. 

Curiously discover a new-found relationship. 

With yourself, with your body, with a partner you've been waiting for.

Because you’re finally ready to feel RADIANT. Playful. Respected. Sensual. Grounded. 

And most importantly, kinder to yourself.

Embody and explore your divine feminine.

Let's smash the stigma around sex, your (s)expression and your pleasure. 

It's time to fall madly, deeply in love with who you a way you've never known.

Unapologetically ask for what you truly want.

You want to feel confident, unstoppable and unapologetic in your desires.  

Learn how to attract it; relationships, and beyond.

Yes, even you can have it all.

WILD & WORTHY is a program designed to show YOU how to overcome this for yourself. So that you, too, can attract the love and life you know you want... but perhaps are afraid to ask for. 



Phase 1: Permission to Explore

So that you can live your truest life, the way you’ve always wanted to experience it, feeling totally aligned and empowered in your divine Goddess self.  

Phase 2: The Self-Love Project

Discover the best self-care practices for you. Meaning, defining what you deserve on your terms and setting the standard for love in your relationship with yourself and others.

Phase 3: Your Wild Awakening 

Experience greater pleasure in your divine feminine. Devote yourself to an ecstatic life and awaken the Goddess within, who is ready to experience bliss.  

Phase 4: Honouring Your Worth

In order to feel confident magnetizing the relationships you desire, we will do an audit of your love life -- so you can get clear on the qualities you’re looking for, vs. the qualities you no longer want.  

Phase 5: The Power Practice

Rewrite your future by giving yourself permission to dream, call in your highest self, and live in greater alignment within yourself from here on out.  



I’m Amanda Rassam. 

... and no, I was not always this comfortable with my body, or my femininity!

I believe that relationships are the most valuable element of the human experience. My mission is to raise the global consciousness through sex, pleasure and connection -- offering others freedom, empowerment and choice in their relationships.  

Over my career, I have helped hundreds of women step into their radiance by learning to put themselves first. Could you be next? 

I can't wait to watch you rise.

Your tribe awaits.

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